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Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta (10Kg)



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Aashiwaad takes extra measures to maintain the utmost naturalness in its products, just as Mother Nature intended. With the aim of providing you with wholesome goodness, we source whole wheat grains directly from farmers.

Aashiwaad Whole Wheat Atta was introduced on May 27th, 2002, and has since become the leading branded packaged atta worldwide.

Aashiwaad Whole Wheat Atta is made from grains that are plump, golden amber in color, and possess a firm texture. They undergo a meticulous grinding process using modern ‘chakki-grinding’ techniques, ensuring that our atta contains 0% maida (refined wheat flour) and is 100% pure and complete atta. We achieve this through our 4 Step Advantage process, which includes sourcing, cleaning, grinding, and preserving nutrition.

By safeguarding all the essential nutrients of the grain within our packaging, we deliver the freshness of the fields along with the wholesome power of whole wheat.

The dough made from Aashiwaad Atta absorbs more water, resulting in softer rotis that stay tender for a longer time. This means you can serve your family soft, fluffy rotis that keep them energized throughout the day!

Nutritional values: Protein (10.8g), Fat (1.8g), Saturated Fat (0.4g), Carbohydrates (77.4g), Sugars (3.0g), Dietary Fiber (11.1g), Sodium (31.4g), Salt (0.1g).

Composition: Made solely from whole wheat.

Allergen Information: Contains wheat (gluten).

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool and dry location.

Net Weight: 10 kilograms.

Product Origin: Sourced from India.

The product design may differ from the illustration if the manufacturer changes the design.

Disclaimer: Please note that while we strive to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of product information, including ingredients and nutritional information, it is subject to change due to regulatory updates or changes by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is important that you read the most up-to-date information on the product label and do not rely solely on the information on our website.

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