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Kurkure Red Chilli Chatka (75g)



19,87  13,20  / 1000 grams

Product contains: 75 grams

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The product should be used before the date: 30.12.2023

Kurkure Red Chilli Chatka is a crunchy and fiery snack that is loaded with the flavor of red chillies. It is made of rice meal, edible vegetable oil, corn meal, gram meal and spices. It is shaped into twisted curls that are fun to munch on. It is a perfect snack for those who love spicy food and want to challenge their taste buds.

About Kurkure:

Kurkure is a brand of savory snacks that offers a range of products such as puffs, namkeens, popcorn and chips. Kurkure products are made from natural ingredients and have no artificial colors or flavors. They are also trans fat free and cholesterol free. Kurkure products are inspired by the flavors and textures of various Indian cuisines and regions. They are designed to appeal to the taste buds and preferences of different consumers.


To use Kurkure Red Chilli Chatka, you will need to open the pack and enjoy the snack as it is or with a dip of your choice. You can also use it as a topping or a garnish for salads, soups or curries. You can store Kurkure Red Chilli Chatka in an airtight container or a ziplock bag to keep it fresh and crunchy.

Ingredients / Allergens:

The ingredients of Kurkure Red Chilli Chatka are: Rice meal (30%), Edible vegetable oil (Palmolein oil), Corn meal (16%), Gram meal (12%), Spices & condiments (Red chili powder, Coriander powder, Cumin powder, Garlic powder, Onion powder), Salt, Sugar, Citric acid.

This product may contain traces of wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.


The nutritional information per 100 g of Kurkure Red Chilli Chatka is as follows:

Energy: 2098 kJ / 502 kcal Fat: 28 g of which saturates: 12 g Carbohydrate: 56 g of which sugars: 3 g Protein: 7 g Salt: 1.8 g

Net Weight: 75 grams.

Product Origin: Sourced from India.

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