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TRS Star Anis 50g is a pack of dried star-shaped pods that contain seeds that have a sweet and licorice-like flavor. TRS Star Anis 50g is sourced from the finest quality star anise that are carefully selected and cleaned to ensure quality and taste. TRS Star Anis 50g is a fragrant and flavorful spice that can be used in various cuisines, especially in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian cooking. TRS Star Anis 50g is also known for its health benefits, as it helps improve digestion, relieve cough, and fight infections.

Usage: TRS Star Anis 50g can be used in different ways to enhance the flavor and aroma of your dishes. You can use it to make tea by steeping the pods in hot water with honey and lemon. You can also add it to your coffee or hot chocolate for a unique twist. You can also use it to make broth or stock by simmering the pods with water, salt, and other spices. You can then use this to make soups, stews, or sauces. You can also use it to make marinades or rubs by grinding the pods with sugar, salt, and other spices. You can then use this to season your meat, poultry, or seafood before cooking.

Ingredients / Allergens: Star Anise.

Nutritional information: Per 100g: Energy 1490kJ/357kcal, Fat 15.9g (of which saturates 0.6g), Carbohydrate 50.0g (of which sugars 0g), Fiber 14.6g, Protein 17.6g, Salt <0.01g.

Net Weight: 50 grams.

Product Origin: Sourced from India.

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