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TRS Nutmeg(JAIFAL) 100g



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Product contains: 100 grams

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The product should be used before the date: March’2025

TRS Nutmeg(JAIFAL) is a natural and aromatic product made from dried and ground nutmeg seeds. It has a warm, sweet and spicy flavour that adds a depth and richness to any dish. It is a versatile and essential spice in Indian, Asian and European cuisines, especially in desserts and beverages. TRS Nutmeg(JAIFAL) is also used for its medicinal benefits as it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties. It can help relieve pain, inflammation, insomnia and indigestion.

Usage: TRS Nutmeg(JAIFAL) can be used in various ways to flavour and enhance your food and drinks. You can use it to spice up rice dishes such as biryani, pulao and kheer. You can also use it to make sweets such as halwa, barfi, cake and pudding. You can also use it to make drinks such as tea, coffee, milk and eggnog. You can also use it to make homemade remedies for common ailments such as toothache, headache and stomach ache. You can use TRS Nutmeg(JAIFAL) as per your taste and preference, but a general rule is to use 1/4 teaspoon per cup of liquid or 500 g of ingredients.

Ingredients / Allergens: TRS Nutmeg(JAIFAL) contains 100% pure nutmeg powder. It does not contain any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It is gluten-free and vegan-friendly. However, it may contain traces of mustard, celery and sesame due to cross-contamination during processing.

Nutritional information: TRS Nutmeg(JAIFAL) has low calories and fat content. It is rich in antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage and boost your immunity. It also contains myristicin, a compound that has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties. It also contains vitamins such as A, C and B-complex that help maintain your vision, skin and nervous system. It also contains minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium that help support your blood, bones, muscles and nerves. One teaspoon of TRS Nutmeg(JAIFAL) (5 g) contains approximately 28 calories, 2 g of fat (1 g of saturated fat), 3 g of carbohydrates (0 g of sugar), 0.5 g of protein and 0 mg of sodium.

Net Weight: 100 grams.

Product Origin: Sourced from India.

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